Actions for Tran Thi Nga, August – October 2018

August 2018: Take action with Amnesty International for Tran Thi Nga, who has endured beatings and death threats at the hands of her assigned cellmate as part of alleged retaliation from prison authorities. Call on the Vietnamese authorities to immediately ensure Nga’s safety and to release her from prison.

September 2018: Take action with ACAT-France for Tran Thi Nga. Nga, an imprisoned labor rights activist, has been facing unsafe conditions in prison, having to live with a cellmate who verbally and physically assaults her. Share the news and call upon Vietnam to ensure Nga’s safety and to protect her from ill-treatment and torture.

October 2018: Please take action with Amnesty International for Tran Thi Nga, an imprisoned labor rights activist. She has been facing harsh conditions in prison, including death threats from her cellmate. Send a message demanding that Vietnam protect Nga from ill treatment, release her from prison immediately, and investigate the allegations against her cellmate.