Assistance needed for blogger Phan Kim Khánh, March 2017

The 88 Project, March 30, 2017: The family of blogger Phan Kim Khánh has expressed their worries over Khánh’s arrest through activists who came to visit them. Speaking from their poor home in Phú Thọ, Khánh’s mother said the family cannot afford to pay for defense counsel for Khánh. And police officers have repeatedly come to their house to threaten that if the family contacts or meets with anyone, Khánh won’t have his punishment reduced.

Below are photos of Khánh’s parents and sister holding signs saying “Our son (brother) is innocent. Free our son (brother) Phan Kim Khánh now.” For more images of the condition of Khánh’s family, see posts on bloggers Điếu Cày and Từ Anh Tú’s Facebook pages.

Phan Kim Khánh was arrested on March 21 under Art. 88 for “propaganda against the socialist state.”

Fellow activists are trying to provide help to Khánh’s family to hire a lawyer for him and to send him monthly supplies. Please contact us at if you can lend a hand and/or if your organization provides assistance for human rights defenders at risk.

Phan Kim Khanh parents sign

Phan Kim Khánh’s parents


Phan Kim Khanh sister sign

Phan Kim Khánh’s sister


Phan Kim Khanh home 2

At Khánh’s family’s home



Phan Kim Khan home 1.jpg

At Khánh’s family’s home in Phú Thọ

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