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Thanks to your support, we have made it to 10% of our goal for our crowdfunding campaign: Run for Vietnamese Activists! The campaign is raising funds to produce video interviews with female activists at risk and former political prisoners. There are currently at least 15 female political prisoners in Vietnam. And even more are facing increasing harassment and physical assaults, like writer Pham Doan Trang, a leading figure of the Vietnamese democratic movement. Follow us on Twitter @The88Project and on Instagram for the latest updates on the campaign, and please donate here to help us reach our goal!

Newsletter Week of July 30-August 5

You can take action for Michael Phuong Minh Nguyen, calling on Vietnamese authorities to release him from detention, by signing this petition on  “For any government to incarcerate anyone without any probable cause is a blatant violation of human rights and of international law, especially if the detained is a citizen of another country,” says the petition, which hopes to raise enough signatures to be sent to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Newsletter Week of July 23-29

Please take Amnesty International’s Urgent Action for Pham Van Troi, Truong Minh Duc, and Nguyen Trung Ton. You can also take Front Line Defender’s action for Nguyen Trung Ton, Pham Van Troi, Nguyen Bac Truyen, and Truong Minh Duc, calling for their immediate release from prison.

Newsletter Week of July 16-22

Take Amnesty International’s Urgent Action for Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, who is suffering from poor health in prison, including pain from curled fingers and toes. She is also currently on a hunger strike. Take action for Quynh, demanding that Vietnam release her immediately and provide adequate medical care until her release.

Newsletter Week of July 2-8

Please take Amnesty International’s Urgent Action for Hoang Duc Binh, a labor and environmental activist who was sentenced to fourteen years in prison on February 6, 2018. His appeal of his sentence was denied on April 24, and he was recently transferred to a new prison, far away from his family, without notice. Please take the Urgent Action, calling for Binh’s release from prison and protection from mistreatment thereafter.

Newsletter Week of June 18-24

You can support Will Nguyen by signing a petition for his release at or donating through Go Fund Me to help his family cover the cost of legal fees.

Newsletter Week of June 11-17

In light of recent detentions of peaceful protests in Vietnam, consider contributing to the Doan Ket Fund, a fund established by the NOW! Campaign to support political prisoners in Vietnam. Doan Ket is Vietnamese for solidarity. All donations go directly and entirely to prisoners of conscience and their families or to individuals identified by the NOW! Campaign as at risk of arrest, detention, and imprisonment.

Newsletter Week of May 21-27

Please take action for Tran Huynh Duy Thuc for the occasion of the ninth anniversary of his arrest. We ask you to share the information on his case with your networks, continue to advocate for his release by writing your representatives and the Vietnamese government, write to his family at the address below to support them in their long journey to demand justice for Thuc, as well as donate to the Conscience Foundation with a specific request to support his family.

Tran Huynh Duy Thuc’s family’s contact information:
Tran Van Huynh
439 F8 duong Phan Van Tri
Quan Go Vap
Tel: +84903350117

Please also take action for Le Thu Ha. The Conscience Foundation requests 4 million VND/month (approx. US$ 175) for the family to visit Lê Thu Hà and look after Lê Thu Hà’s mother until the time of her release from prison.

Newsletter Week of May 14-20

Amnesty International has released a new Urgent Action for Tran Anh Kim. Kim, a pro-democracy activist and former military officer, is serving a 13-year sentence for his peaceful activities. Kim is in poor health in prison. Please take the Urgent Action, calling on Vietnam to provide him with proper medical care and immediately release him from prison.

Newsletter Week of May 7-13

Take action with Amnesty International for Ho Duy Hai. Hai faces the death penalty for a 2008 charge, but the Committee on Judicial Affairs of the National Assembly urged a review of his case in 2015 due to violations of international legal standards. Despite this, a government official publicly called for Hai’s execution in late 2017. Read more on his case in this article by The Vietnamese.

Newsletter Week of April 30-May 6

Please take Front Line Defenders’s Urgent Appeal for Nguyen Van Hoa, calling on authorities to immediately release him from prison. Download the pdf appeal, here.

Newsletter Week of April 23-29

Amnesty International released an Urgent Action for Hoang Duc Binh, a labor and environmental activist who was sentenced to fourteen years in prison on February 6, 2018. His appeal of his sentence was denied on April 24. Please take the Urgent Action, calling for Binh’s release from prison and protection from mistreatment thereafter.

Newsletter Week of April 9-15

Please share the cases of the four activists sentenced this week, and take action for Nguyen Van Dai and his five co-defendants, as well as Nguyen Trung Truc, Nguyen Van Tuc, and Tran Thi Xuan, with The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a partnership of FIDH and the World Organisation Against Torture. Use their guide and contact information to write to the Vietnamese government to call for the immediate and unconditional release of the prisoners, the improved treatment of human rights defenders, and Vietnam’s compliance with international human rights agreements.

Selected Previous Actions (since March 2018)

Send an Urgent Action appeal from Amnesty International Canada on behalf of Hoang Duc Binh and fellow environmental activist, Bach Hong Quyen, who is wanted by authorities

Please take Frontline Defender’s action in support of Tran Minh Nhat, a human rights activist and former prisoner of conscience. He served four years in prison under Article 79. On August 4, police issued a nation-wide wanted order saying that he had violated the terms of his probation from that sentence. He has faced police harassment and physical attacks since his release from prison in 2015.


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