Project88 and Front Line Defenders UPR Submission

Project88 and Front Line Defenders made a joint UPR submission ahead of Vietnam’s scheduled spring 2024 review. “Not only have arrests and harassment of human rights defenders continued unabated since Vietnam’s last UPR,” said Project88 Co-Director Kaylee Uland, “but the government has also taken up new strategies to clamp down on dissent, like imprisoning NGO leaders on false charges of tax evasion and criminalizing human rights lawyering.”

The submission was prepared based on information received from independent human rights defenders (HRDs) and human rights organizations in Vietnam and covers 2018 to 2023 and documents allegations of mistreatment of HRDs in pre-trial detention, at trial, and during imprisonment; targeting of environmental and land rights activists; incidents of transnational repression; and restrictions on press freedom.  

Read the full submission, here.


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