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Three Letters from Tran Huynh Duy Thuc

Democracy activist Tran Huynh Duy Thuc is an engineer and entrepreneur from Ho Chi Minh City (b. 1966) who started his own internet company in the early 2000s. He was arrested in May 2009 and sentenced to sixteen years in prison, allegedly for “activities to overthrow the government.” He is currently on yet another hunger […]

Vietnam Free Expression Newsletter No. 12/2021 – Week of March 22-28

Greetings from The 88 Project! We bring you news, analysis, and actions regarding human rights and civil society in Vietnam during the week of March 22-28. Police this week arrested Dr. Nguyen Duy Huong for his Facebook posts critical of the state. Police also kidnapped Facebooker Le Trong Hung, who had planned to run for an independent seat […]

Repentance – A Poem by Political Prisoner Tran Duc Thach

Poet Trần Đức Thạch (b. 1952) was a soldier in the  North Vietnamese army and the author of the short story ‘The Haunting Mass Grave.” He was sentenced in 2009 to three years in prison for “propaganda against the state.” A founder of the group the Brotherhood for Democracy, Thạch was arrested a second time […]

The different pictures of gender equality in Vietnam politics

The Vietnamese government usually boasts about its achievements in pursuing gender equality. Referring to the ratio of women representatives in the Vietnam National Assembly, which stands at 27 percent, the government insists on its myth of the progressive development of Vietnamese politics and sometimes even its superiority over other countries in this area. However, such […]