Donate to Support Families of Vietnamese Political Prisoners

Suffering detention or imprisonment merely on account of one’s political or religious beliefs is a harsh reality (as well as a state practice that is both internationally condemned and a violation of law in most developed countries). Yet such suffering is magnified immeasurably when a political prisoner is no longer able to provide or care for a loved one or dependent, such as young children, aging parents, forlorn spouses, and other dependents. We can show our support by helping their families and dependents during what is often a very desperate time.

Below are a few funds that aim to help covering costs related to living expenses, health and/or education for a family member or dependent of a political prisoner in Vietnam. We verify the identity of individuals who manage the funds before including them. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.



  1. Quỹ Lương Tâm (Conscience Foundation): managed by Mr. Nguyen Quang A and other activists inside Vietnam. Quy Luong Tam was established in May 2017 with the commitment that “no families will be abandoned when their loved ones are being imprisoned because of their struggle for human rights in Vietnam.”

Contributors in Vietnam can transfer money to the following bank account (which is posted here with the consent of Quy Luong Tam):

– Bank name: Vietcombank Chuong Duong, Ha Noi
– Account holder: Nguyễn Quang A
– Account number: 0541000287869

Contributors overseas can donate via PayPal at

Contact Quy Luong Tam via their Facebook page.


  1. Đoàn Kết Fund (Solidarity Fund): a fund established by the NOW! Campaign and managed by BPSOS to support prisoners of conscience in Vietnam and their families. All donations go directly and entirely to prisoners of conscience and their families or to individuals identified by the NOW! Campaign as at risk of arrest, detention and imprisonment. You can donate here and/or get in touch via email at

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