Blogger Pham Viet Dao arrested for “abusing democratic freedoms”

Writer Pham Viet Dao (source: internet)

Writer Pham Viet Dao (source: internet)

The 88 Project, June 13, 2013: Another famous blogger, Pham Viet Dao, was arrested today (Thursday local time).

Pham Viet Dao is a writer and translator. He used to work for the Ministry of Culture, and is member of the Vietnam’s Writers Association. He has been publicly outspoken about the need for democratization in Vietnam. Prior to his arrest, on 9 June, he gave an interview to the BBC Vietnamese, commenting on the vote of confidence at the National Assembly and the potential outcomes of the ongoing constitutional revision.
Please note that Pham Viet Dao’s story is very similar to Truong Duy Nhat, the blogger who was arrested a few weeks ago. And they are both charged of “abusing democratic freedoms to infringe upon State’s interests…” (article 258 of the Vietnamese criminal code).
State-owned newspaper has issued a short piece in English:

Pham Viet Dao arrested for violating law

The investigation agency under the Hanoi Police Department on June 13 issued a warrant for urgent house search and arrest of Pham Viet Dao, a resident in Buoi ward, Tay Ho precinct, Hanoi , for breaking Article 258 of the Criminal Code.

Article 258 deals with the crime of “abusing the rights to freedom and democracy to violate the State’s interests and the rights and legitimate interests of organisation and citizens.”The search of Dao’s house and his arrest were carried out in line with stipulations of the law.Dao, born in 1952 in the central province of Nghe An, showed a compliant attitude.The authorities is carrying out further investigations into Dao’s violation.-VNA