Incident Group: Activists harassed during the February 2019 North Korea and United States summit

In the so-called “tightening security campaign” of the public security during the North Korea and United States summit, dozens of activists and bloggers were arrested and beaten for no apparent reason. In Ha Noi, Tran Thi My Linh (Cat Linh), and Le Dung Vova were arrested while they were just photographing and filming Donald Trump’s convoy.

In Ho Chi Minh city, Daniel Modan (a French national) and Tran Duy Chien were arrested when buying some beverages at a coffee shop at the intersection of Alexander and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.

Vo Ha, Nguyen Thi Trang, Hien Gabriel, and Hai Nguyen were arrested and beaten by the security force of Ho Chi Minh City when hanging out at a restaurant. Even activists in more remote areas, such as Nguyen Quang Khai (Ho Nai District, Dong Nai Province), were also detained.

The incident is exemplary in illustrating the unchecked and unlimited power of the Vietnamese public security force. It's also illustrative of the regime trying to keep a "good appearance" for foreign visitors by silencing dissenters, and is part of a larger pattern of repression that occurs whenever foreign representatives visit or summits occur in the country.