1) Stay engaged with the news, both in your country and internationally.

2) Speak up when you hear about something that doesn’t seem right, whether that is posting a reply to a news article online or speaking out about a problem at your school or workplace.

3) Use your personal connections to raise awareness for causes that you care about. Talk about your passions with the people around you.

4) Use your talents– whether its filmmaking, crafting, cooking, event planning, photography, comedy, music, or sports– to make a difference. Start a blog. Take a trip. Fundraise. Host a party. Join forces with a local organization. Start your own.

5) Engage with policymakers– through letters, phone calls, or social media– to show your support or disapproval for various laws or agreements that involve human rights.

6) Be aware of the purchases you make and how they effect others.

7) Give up something, big or small, to benefit someone else.

8) Get involved with us here at The 88 Project or with another human rights organization– donate your time, money, or talents and knowledge.

9) Read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and share it with a friend.

10) Remember that human rights are still, and will always be, relevant. Pick a right or two that resonate with you and think about how they apply to today’s world.

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