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“Tran Huynh Duy Thuc is Innocent.”

The 88 Project – This is part one of the interview with Tran Huynh Duy Thuc’s father, Tran Van Huynh. He talks about his son’s innocence in regards to his 16-year sentence. Thuc was arrested under Article 88 of Vietnam’s Penal Code for “anti-government” propaganda. Thuc’s family was recently prohibited from leaving their house to deliver a petition to the government prior to the Vietnamese President’s trip to the US a few weeks ago.

Family Free THDT

The signs read: “Tran Huynh Duy Thuc is innocent.”Click here for more information on Thuc.

Tran Van Huynh – “I am Tran Van Huynh, father of Tran Huynh Duy Thuc – a Vietnamese citizen who was wrongly sentenced to 16 years in prison and 5 years of house arrest under article 79 of the Vietnam penal code.
It’s been exactly 4 years since my son was arrested. Over the last 4 years, my family never stop believing that Thuc is innocent. Thus, to claim innocence for him we have many times appealed to the top state leaders and related government agencies for reconsidering his law case in a court of cassation. Through repeated petitions, I have presented proof that the unfinished book entitled “The Vietnam Path” written by Thuc together with 2 other democracy activists – a document that the investigating agency, the prosecution and the court considered to be “a master plan to overthrow the people’s administration” and convicted my son – is purely for the purpose of building and developing the country based on the respect for human rights and in the spirit of “enlighten the people, empower the people,  care for the welfare of people”. It is a pity that until now, our appeals and petitions have not received any proper response yet.”

(to be continued)

© The 88 Project 2013 – Free Expression Interview Series

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