Announcing The 88 Project’s searchable Vietnamese Political Prisoner Database

The 88 Project, January 18, 2018: We are excited to unveil the searchable database of political prisoners in Vietnam – our latest initiative that is intended to support the advocacy and assistance efforts for political prisoners and their families.

database website - new banner.png

If you ever wonder how many political prisoners are there in Vietnam right now, or how many of them are women, or how many of them were arrested under Art. 88 and/or in 2017, etc., the database is just the right tool for you.

It is the first database of political prisoners in Vietnam that is searchable and offers reliable and up-to-date statistics. The database allows users to search prisoner profiles using such criteria as year of arrest, gender, ethnicity, areas of activism, charges, and length of sentence. It will be updated weekly with the latest news on trials, releases, health conditions, and family situations.

On the home page, users can also conveniently see the number of prisoners who are currently in pre-trial detention or serving a sentence, as well as the numbers of female and ethnic minorities prisoners (who, unfortunately, are often overlooked).

Many detailed profiles are already available for many prisoners. You could sort the list by “most recently updated” to get the latest updates.

Please visit the database at Contact us with any information that you believe should be added to the database.

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