Community At Risk: Hoanh Village, Dong Tam Commune

Dong Tam is a rural commune area that belongs to My Duc District, Ha Noi City, known for the long-standing land conflict between the residents of Hoanh village and the government concerning the legal status of the traditionally agricultural land called Dong Senh. The conflict started in 2014 and grabbed national attention in 2017 when the leader of the village, Le Dinh Kinh, was kidnapped and assaulted by the public security forces, which led to his serious leg injury. As revenge, the villagers took hostage dozens of public security who were surveilling Hoanh village. The village made headlines in international news again in early January 2020, when a powerful government armed force abruptly raided Le Dinh Kinh’s house at 3:00 am on January 9, 2020, killed him, assaulted his family members– including his wife, and arrested several family members, along with more than 20 other villagers.