Le Trong Nghia

Current Status: Likely released - at risk

Photo of Le Trong Nghia

Other Names: Lê Trọng Nghĩa

Date of Birth: 1987

Gender: M

Ethnicity: Kinh

Occupation: Factory worker

Areas of Activism:

  • Freedom of expression
  • Sovereignty

Highlighted Human Rights Concerns:

  • Former Political Prisoner

Details - Background.

He is from Long An province and was worker of Pouyuen company, manufacturing sport shoes, before he was arrested.

Arrested June 18, 2018. Sentenced to 2 years 3 months in prison under Art. 318 (2015 Code). Expected Release is January 18, 2021.

June 18, 2018
  • Art. 318 (2015 Code)
Binh Tan district public security, Ho Chi Minh city
Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City (map)
October 17, 2018
The People’s Court of Binh Tan Ward, Ho Chi Minh City
2 years 3 months in prison
January 18, 2021
  • freedom from arbitrary arrest or detention
  • liberty and security of the person
  • freedom of expression
  • freedom of peaceful assembly
  • fair trial
  • political participation

According to the indictment of The People’s Procuracy, on the morning of June 11, the police force of Binh Tan Ward, in cooperation with some other agencies, was mobilized to ensure public order at the main gate of Pouyuen Company, where a demonstration against draft laws on Cybersecurity and Special Economic Zones was taking place. Protesters allegedly struck and joined the demonstration, then threw stones and bricks towards security forces.

Nghia was arrested and prosecuted by Binh Tan District Police, Ho Chi Minh City on June 18, 2018.

On October 17, The People’s Court of Binh Tan Ward, Ho Chi Minh City held the first instance court trial against him. He was sentenced to  2 years and 3 months  under the Article 318 of the 2015 Penal Code for “disturbing the public order,”  alongside two co-defendants who had also protested.

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