Incident Group: Crackdown on Nguyen Tin’s liveshow on August 15, 2018

Singer Nguyen Tin (Nguyễn Hữu Tín) is well-known for his pre-1975 bolero song covers and rich history of activism. However, this also makes him a target on the public security’s watch list.

On August 15, 2018, Nguyen Tin's mini-show at Casanova Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City, Sai Gon Ky Niem (Memory of Saigon), was raided and broken up by a large number of police officers. Many participants were subjected to mistreatment, kidnapped, and physically abused. The official justification for all of these brutalities was because the show was held without the authority’s permission.

Nguyen Huu Tin

Nguyen Huu Tin, private show raided and guests assaulted (Province: Ho Chi Minh)

Nguyen Dang Cao Dai

Nguyen Dang Cao Dai, assaulted by police at Nguyen Tin’s private show (Province: Ho Chi Minh)

Pham Doan Trang

Pham Doan Trang, assaulted at Nguyen Tin’s private music show (Province: Ho Chi Minh)

Huynh Thanh Phat

Huynh Thanh Phat, detained in the crackdown on Nguyen Tin’s liveshow (Province: Ho Chi Minh)