Incident Group: Harassment against BOT protesters

The nationwide movement against BOT (Build - Operate - Transfer) projects that create BOT toll booths across the country is the result of questionable installation of these tolls at too many vital national highways without proper justification. Forcing drivers to pay for roads they don’t use, operating over the allowed period, or being accused of becoming the stronghold of cronyism and corruption, BOT toll booths have lost their credibility among drivers, and also the public. Road users have started to use peaceful protest tactics, such as refusing to pay for toll tickets, buying time, and extending the wait line, causing congestion until the toll booths have to release the line without charge, as required by law.

Yet, instead of public consultation and taking into account the popular dissatisfaction against the toll booths, the public security forces have been directed to violently intervene in protests. Not only facing beatings and detentions, many drivers also face imprisonment for their peaceful expression.