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Profile of Phan Kim Khánh

Phan Kim Khánh. Source: Family
First Name Last & Middle Name Other names (alias)
Khánh Phan Kim N/A
Lastest prison Current status Profile last updated:
Thái Nguyên province police Detention Center Sentenced November 3, 2017
DOB Gender Profession Religion Ethnicity Areas of Activism
June 5, 1993 M Student,

Freelance journalist

Catholic Kinh Press
Arrest Trial Defense counsels Sentence Charges Prisons Release
March 21, 2017 October 25, 2017 Hà Huy Sơn  6 years Art. 88
Immediate Concerns Update October 12, 2017:

Khanh’s family needs financial assistance to continue to send him supplies in prison.

Background Prior to his arrest, Phan Kim Khánh was a student in his final year at the International Relations Faculty of the University of Thái Nguyên. He was active in student affairs at University and served as secretary of the University’s Students’ Association, as well as an MC for University events. In 2015, Khánh was one of 10 students of Thái Nguyên University who received a scholarship to attend a training course at the U.S. Embassy for members of YSEALI (The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative).
Activism According to the Ministry of Public Security’s account, since the end of 2015, “Phan Kim Khánh has established and administered two blogs called ‘Báo Tham nhũng’ [Anti-corruption Newspaper] and ‘Tuần Việt Nam’ [Vietnam Weekly]; three Facebook pages called ‘Báo Tham Nhũng’ [Anti-corruption Newspaper], ‘Tuần Báo Việt Nam’ [Vietnam Weekly], and ‘Dân chủ TV’ [Democracy TV]; and two YouTube channels called ‘Việt Báo TV’ [Vietnamese Newspaper TV] and ‘Việt Nam online.’ Those outlets continuously published much information with fabricated, distorted content against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the majority of which was taken from other reactionary websites.”

The authorities also stated that Phan Kim Khánh “had established contact with several reactionary, opposing factors inside the country and overseas to discuss, exchange information, and co-administer the websites” including with Nguyễn Văn Hải (aka blogger Điếu Cày) and Việt Tân, among others.

Details of Imprisonment Phan Kim Khánh was arrested on March 21, 2017 under Art. 88 for “propaganda against the Socialist state.” State-owned media, citing the Ministry of Public Security, confirmed the arrests and charges against the blogger, and also detailed the accusations against him.

Prior to his trial, he was held at the Thai Nguyen province Police detention center.

Lawyer Ha Huy Son was his defense counsel. Phan Kim Khanh met with him for the first time early September 2017. Prior to that, Khánh’s family’s effort to hire defense lawyers for him had been thwarted.

On October 25, Khanh was convicted in a four-hour trial of violating Article 88 and sentenced to six years in prison and four years of house arrest. It is unclear if he will appeal. His father was allowed in the courtroom, but others were prohibited from attending. His parents continue to support him. “If I could see Khanh now, I would tell him that his father and I have always supported what he’s done. I believe that he acted as he did because he is a patriot,” his mother said.


Physical health history
Mental health history
Family situation Phan Kim Khanh comes from a poor family who needs financial support to hire defense lawyers and to send him supplies every month. Read the appeal for assistance here.
Support the Family Contact us if you can assist.
Contact information
Actions Taken After Khanh’s trial on October 25, 2017, several international human rights organizations have made statements condemning his detention and sentencing. “Students should be encouraged to write about social and political problems—not punished,” said Human Rights Watch’s Asia Director, Brad Adams, in a statement released on Tuesday. “Blogging is not a crime, despite Vietnam’s repeated efforts to treat it as one. Phan Kim Khánh should be released immediately, and the Vietnamese government should recognize that Article 88 is completely inconsistent with international guarantees regarding the right to free expression,” said James Tager, Senior Manager of Free Expression Programs at PEN America, in another release.

RFA, 03/22/2017: Vietnamese Authorities Arrest Two Bloggers For ‘Spreading Propaganda Against The State’

Anh Ba Sam, 04/04/2017: Thăm Nhà Phan Kim Khánh

SBTN, 03/30/2017: Gia đình sinh viên yêu nước Phan Kim Khánh kêu cứu cho con



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