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Support Vietnamese Bloggers This Holiday Season

Support Vietnamese Bloggers This Holiday Season

Christmas is less than a month away, and the anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is on December 10th. Yet, this holiday season, many bloggers and other pro-democracy activists remain imprisoned in Vietnam, unable to celebrate either day.

The Vietnamese state is punishing those who speak out against it, even though bloggers use peaceful means to protest. Just last week, Vietnam imposed a $5,000 fine for any citizen criticizing the Vietnamese government on social media channels. However, punishments for criticizing the government can lead to much more severe consequences; Tran Huynh Duy Thuc is currently serving a 16-year sentence for his activism.

Please consider donating to Reporters Without Border’s GlobalGiving campaign this month. Your support will go directly to providing supplies and services, such as secure encryption software and translation, and a louder voice for Vietnam’s bloggers.

Since all of Vietnam’s media is state-owned, these men and women are our only source of actual news from Vietnam. They risk their lives each day to deliver this news. Their dedication reminds us how important freedom of expression is for all people.

Please follow the link above (underlined) and read more about Reporters Without Border’s project.

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